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In Grand Forks and in several other cities in North Dakota the March city sales tax payments are down considerably from January and February. And then while the town is much smaller Devils Lake is even up a little and after being down for several months in a row, Minot is up, and by a lot. Across the state it is a mixed bag, and after this hard winter, difficult to assess.

I am not sure if we are seeing the beginning of the slow down in North Dakota that many of us have been expecting, or if the January and February payments were made quicker and now the adjustment for all the Christmas spending is over and it will take another two months or so for us to see the real trend for 2014. Both year to date and the 12 month rolling data are still positive.

There were some good signs in Grand Forks. Some are worried about the Canadian dollars relation to the U.S. dollar not attracting Canadian traffic, but the motel rooms and the restaurant and lounge quarter cent sales tax don’t support that theory, at least up to this point. Again this month I don’t have all the motel tax I want, but what we do have suggests traffic is at least as good as last year.

Grand Forks need to remember also that they should just not rely on Canadian Traffic. Now with all those new good class motels that the Convention and Visitors Bureau needs to work with places like the golf courses, the curling clubs, baseball clubs, etc to attract people to this city all year round. They can’t just wait for the Canadians. The Chamber and the CVB, which has always done a good job, need to be even more aggressive. The taxpayers of this city with the facilities like Aurora, and the University have all done a lot to attract people. Now they just need to be even more aggressive.

So, for now lets see if the city goes after those things. Lets also see if the oil patch business that has come from here stays here. There is no reason that done properly that won’t be case. There is no reason to let it go to others. It is time for some to earn their pay.


Again I have two seperate postings for you. Thanks again to our friends keeping us safe at our borders, here again is the most recent border crossing data for what they classify as the Pembina Port which covers a lot of geographical area. Must be nearly one half of the famous 49th Parallel. It covers both December 2013 and January 2014.

Just below this report is the Agricultural Prices for North Dakota. That report is a monthly report provided by the U.S.D.A.

Hope you find both useful. To begin, here is the border data: =
First January 2014:

And now December 2013:

There is a lot of data here. So much that I think if I start providing an analysis I could easily get you lost in all I have to say. So, I want you to just look this over and as you are remember that a lot of what you are seeing is across the border business because of the relationship between the United States and Canada in two important resources. That is agriculture and minerals, especially oil. So, guess how you spell North Dakota-wheat and oil.

I wanted to get all this out to you right away. If after a few days I think I am seeing something I will add to the commentary and let you know, especially if you have signed up for the notification. Remember, you can do that just off to the left side. Always open to suggestions and ideas. Lets try that.