Just the other day we received the February Border Crossings. Today we have the data for March. That is the way it happens this time of year and we find a great deal of relevant information in these reports.

For instance, as we said the other day, there are getting to be fewer Canadians coming to North Dakota. While these reports don’t tell us this, we can be sure that in most cases this means fewer people are coming to Grand Forks, and Fargo too. This is something of importance to both of these towns. A great deal of the retail spending in both towns is dependent on Canadian shopping. This is the time when the Chambers prove their worth, or their lack of it. So too the Convention and Visitors Bureaus. Anyone can do it right in the good times. Today is when you can see real leadership, or not.

This proves again that relationship between the U.S. and Canadian dollars. Whenever the Canadians can lay down a dollar and receive more than a dollar of American money in exchange it is a good time for Grand Forks and Fargo. The opposite is just as true.


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