Here is the latest, that is including and through March 2014 and Year To Date data. There are no surprises here and really just what we would have expected. That is good.

First of all, remember both Devils Lake and Jamestown are going to be getting service from a new airline and that will bring a change in their destinations. That begins this fall if I remember. In the meantime, they have no service. That is why their reports are zero.

Second, as it has been for a few years now it is the oil patch airports of Williston and Dickinson that are still our big growth. For those who say the boom is over they need to look at this. It is probably fair to say that the oil companies know where the oil is, but there are still thousands of wells to be drilled to get at that oil. Someday there may be fewer people coming in to finish this up, but it isn’t now.

It is nice to see Minot has finally, I think, completed its adjustment from its terrible flood. Now we will be able to see the effect of oil. I think, as we see this month, that effect is growth in a lot of areas including airline boardings.

Bismarck is probably the only major city slowing down, and that is both because of changes in the oil boom and the fact that the legislature is not meeting this year. The oil boom is because of the current decline in state land leasing.

Finally, Fargo shows it is the busiest, fastest growing industrial town. Grand Forks disappoints me. A year ago it showed signs to me that it might be the next growth area in the state as Fargo was wrestling with some of the growing pains a city needs to go through. This month doesn’t support that thesis. We will have to wait a couple of more months to see if that is happening.


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