The top destinations for all passengers currently boarding in North Dakota are Las Vegas, Phoenix, Denver and Orlando, in that order. That tells me that most passengers are North Dakotans and they are heading to warmer weather.

It is possible that a lot of the Denver business is oil related particularly heading to Texas where many oil companies are headquartered.

What I find interesting is that Minneapolis/St.Paul is not on the list of top destinations. In my experience living in the eastern part of the state and personally going east for all my final destinations we have to fly first to the Twin Cities and then change planes. Maybe it is only the final destination they count, but how do they know that?

Even when we used to go to Phoenix we first flew to Minneapolis/St. Paul. There is an interesting story here and I will try to get more detail and report it to you.

In the meantime, here is January’s data. Of the major airports, only Grand Forks had a decrease. I believe that a year ago they still had two airlines leaving from that airport and that is probably the difference. It seems they are not able to attract any more traffic right now.


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