I realize I had this table included with the Grand Forks data which I posted a couple of weeks ago, but it came at a time when many were too busy with the holidays so rather than eliminate the report I think it is worth posting again with enough integrity to tell you about it. So, here it is with some additional comments/analysis.

If this was the Oscars we could end up giving an award to nearly every city. For example, Grand Forks would get the Oscar for the largest percentage increase in the state. On the other hand, even though Fargo’s percentage increase was less than one half of Grand Forks they had the largest dollar amount, even more than Dickinson the “hot” oil patch city in 2013.

On the other other hand, Dickinson’s Oscar would be for the largest building value per resident. Not even close.

Minot with a decrease of nearly 15 percent still wasn’t the smallest dollar value city in the state. That belongs to Grand Forks that city with the largest percentage increase.

You see what I mean. This though is what is important: North Dakota continued its building boom. It was mostly because of the oil business, but the good agricultural economy meant something to this state yet in 2013.

And remember, over the next four or five years there are two huge agricultural projects being planned for North Dakota. One is a billion and a half project planned for Grand Forks. The other I believe is an equally large project planned for Jamestown. In addition, Basin Electric the owners of the coal gasification plant announced plans for a huge project there to manufacture urea.

Just think how things have changed. Only five years ago the state government would be offering millions and millions of subsidies to these projects and I suppose something will happen here, but it is nearly only after thoughts.


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