Not much we can add that is different from last month. Oh, unemployment is a little higher but that is what we expect as we go into the winter, especially this winter which is, to put it kindly, difficult.
That is for all four states, that it is difficult. The other thing we need to remember is that if we have any thing approaching an industrial state it is Minnesota and really that seems to be having a nice recovery.
We know the reason for North Dakota’s strength. It is mostly oil, and if there is any slow down it can probably be attributed to the slow down in the ag sector. Remember, John Deere laid off something around 60 permanent employees and while the announcements have not been necessarily made as to the numbers we can be comfortable in expecting other ag manufacturing plants to making changes of the same directions and probably the same magnitude. But the slow down has not been much as of yet and we can see that there is still strength in that ag market, so we will just have to wait and see.
As for Minnesota, that is a nice recovery and is creating a nice situation with their budget. For that we can be very pleased. So to the strength with South Dakota and Montana.
Taken together the Northern Plains continues to be the shining star of the American economy. We are fortunate that it is us. It is us. And we need to remember one other thing. The plains people have always understood if jobs are not here it is our responsibility to go find one, and if that means leaving home, well that is what we need to do, as difficult as that is. What ever that takes, here is the data compared to last month:


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