Grand Forks permits totaled nearly $18 1/2 million dollars for November. That would be unbelievable if we didn’t know how large all of 2013 has been. The total to date is nearly $209 million dollars so an $18 million dollar month is not that unbelievable, even coming near the end of the year.
Most will say look at the money that went into apartment homes and that is true. Three and one half times as much this year as last, but still that is only about $55 1/2 million of the $90 million increase in all construction. Another $34 million is in the commercial category, both new construction and remodeling of already standing buildings. A lot of that is motels and we can see that by the increase in the three percent motel fee. Build it and they will come. Grand Forks did (build it) and they did come (for many different reasons).
Single family housing is only a strong half million better than last year and while I would have liked to see a larger increase we have to remember that across the nation after what happened with the housing meltdown more people are telling us they are happy to have the freedom that comes with living in apartments and that is happening in Grand Forks. I have no doubt that much housing of all kinds has to mean an increase in the population of Grand Forks.
Anyway, it has been quite a year to celebrate and we know next year looks good with the $125 million medical school and the new elementary school both planned for at least starting in 2014. In fact they are moving the dirt on the medical school already, and there is also the law school addition.
East Grand Forks is down from last year, but they had a good year last year and this years’ building is respectable. Given the difference in population the single family building is proportionately the same for the east side as for Grand Forks.
Here is the data. Let me know if you would like to see anything else.


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